The top 3 reasons why using logo stickers is a timeless marketing strategy

The top 3 reasons why using logo stickers is a timeless marketing strategy

Let’s be honest, logo stickers might not seem like the reinvention of the wheel. But there is a reason they have stuck around for so long: they are awesome!

Just think of the cool logo stickers you get when you place an order with Apple or Vans. They make you smile, improve your unboxing experience and ensure you will remember that brand.

We are here to show you why custom-printed logo stickers are a timeless marketing strategy you should not be missing out on.

  1. Logo stickers are affordable and easy to produce

Logo stickers are highly cost-effective. Even if you opt for a custom shape, multiple colours or special effects, they will only cost you a few pence per sticker – especially when you make use of the bulk discounts many printers offer.

On top of that, you can save money by using them. Having your packaging and promotional materials custom-printed not only takes a while, but it is also expensive. With your logo stickers, you can simply take that branding in-house.

And do not worry about how to create your own stickers. You can just outsource that part and leave it to the experts. This can be particularly helpful if you are after custom die cut stickers with intricate cut lines.

  1. They direct attention to your brand  

When it comes to the big brands, we all have a favourite. Sometimes for no reason at all. Why does someone prefer Pepsi to Coca-Cola? Or Apple over Samsung?

Many factors play a role in that: previous experience, the extent to which we identify with their branding, and how we perceive a business. But how can a small business keep up with that?

Logo stickers are a great start as they function as a visual representation of your business. They also help you install a sense of familiarity within first-time buyers. Use them as much as possible to create that familiarity from the start.

The trick is to achieve brand awareness pre-purchase and secure that prime spot in the minds of your target audience. Try a stunning gold custom sticker to really grab their attention.

  1. They are the perfect giveaway

When it comes to advertising your business, promotional gifts are one of the most effective methods. After all, everybody loves to receive freebies. And with stickers, you hit that sweet spot of adding value to your customers’ experience without breaking the bank.

Giving away stickers for free can also pay off. Since they are perceived as a gift, they evoke the reciprocity principle. It describes how people feel obliged to return a favour after having received a gift.

Something as simple as a free custom sticker will make customers more likely to buy from you again or recommend your business to a friend – all while sporting your logo stickers on their phones and laptops.

And that’s why you should absolutely give logo stickers a try. Are you ready? Or do you have more questions? Let us know in the comment section.