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Connect 4 is a strategy game played by children and adults since 1974. It quickly became a very popular game because of its simple rules and various strategies that players can use to win. Connect 4 is a great game for using your kids’ brain cells. Played as a pencil and paper game or online in a multiplayer environment with multi-colored circles such as discs, the game keeps you going well on long trips or in boring classes. In you can play Connect 4 multiplayer online with your friends or hundreds of players around the world. Follow our tips and tricks, you will be promoted to Number One soon!


Connect 4 rules online

You play Connect 4 on a 7×6 board with hasbro when using discs, or on the grid when using pencils and paper or on multiplayer internet. Round markers (pieces of discs) should be placed from the bottom to the highest point. The main goal is to direct the player’s four marks in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal way. Tags should be placed in the bottom row or in other tags.


Strategies and strategies to overcome Connect 4 online


At the beginning of the game

To get a good start with a Connect 4 game on board, on paper or online, it is important to place multiple checkers in the middle column to increase the chances of aligning 4 checks in the next rounds. This trick prevents your enemy from doing the same thing while using the column. The next step is to define a strategy that includes traps that will force your opponent to play the movement that leads to your victory by directing a row or a reduced column and thus achieving a higher level!


Double line in Connect 4

Another easy way to trap your enemy on the Connect 4 game board, on paper or online is to build a double line to win (two lines missing one tester to 4 lines) to force them to take action can lead to you being able to direct. 4th row in the following order.


How to beat a novice in Connect 4

Whenever you start a Connect 4 game and your opponent is not paying attention, you may try to direct three checkers to the very bottom line. Your opponent will be able to choose between left or right reaction, wherever you win the game!


Blocks columns

The following strategy should be an expert if you wish to get the most out of the Connect 4 game while trying to win horizontally or vertically: try to block columns in such a way that whenever an opponent places markers or disk pieces in a row or column. , you can win the next turn (or it could lead to a double line). The goal is to lead your opponent into action that he or she does not want to take and that gives you the freedom to develop traps in the next steps.


Connect 4 when playing

If you play Connect 4 on board, while using disks, your playing time will be marked with a red block. It will surround your avatar including your school and nickname. During games, it will be up to you to use whatever line you find suitable to place the disk pieces. 4 pieces will need to align diagonally, horizontally or vertically to win. 4 Match Tracing Techniques allow you to play while protecting your enemy from controlling his movements whenever the red block gives him a chance. Then control the row from the center from the beginning to win horizontally in your last opening in the red block view. To know more about the money earning games. Check Baazi Mobile Gaming now and get a chance to win real cash prizes.