Minions started as single-celled yellow organism from the dawn of time and evolved through the ages and serving the most despicable masters in every generation. These masters however pass away and the Minions become depressed in not being able to have a permanent master.

A Minion named Kevin together with two other Minions, Stuart and Bob, had a plan and travelled out the world to find a perfect evil master. This led them to meet Scarlet Overkill, the first female super-villain.

Minions is a spin-off of the highly successful animation Despicable Me and although it does not have the same quality as Despicable Me, it has the humor for both kids and adults. It has a simple to non-existent plot and so with the story which is appropriate and suitable for kids to follow. Most parts of the movie are funny but some parts are “funny-silly” and the humor is juvenile which kids will like.

The animation is not that great and nothing special with the characters drawn and designed very simple but the Minion characters are somewhat adorable. Being an animation movie for kids, they could have added more color.

This is a harmless and fun movie for kids but not so much for adults, it is a descent comedy. It is good but not as good as Despicable Me. By using iptv you can get access to many more movies of all genres. Nowadays firestick has combined the tv and android experience together. Now you can get the best iptv for firestick 2022 UK and enjoy through a wide range of movies, tv shows, cartoons and much more.

Sandra Bullock voiced Scarlet Overkill, Pierre Coffin as Kevin and Bob, Michael Keaton as Walter Nelson, Jennifer Saunders as the Queen, Steve Coogan as Professor Flux and directed by Pierre Coffin and Kyle Balda.